I invite you to follow me in my colorful binder.
It is with paper, fabric, yarn, I connect my ideas together, make pretty creative books for paste, scribble, draw, write …
I also connects your precious treasures kept in a drawer, waiting for a new life as old menus, children’s drawings, old newsletters, personal cards.
Books for life, emotions and events I am at your disposal to design the book more personal object that you want to provide a wedding, birth or any other milestone.

I like to hunt, retrieve, select, touch, color, embroidery, paper and many new fabrics or pitcher I will then implement.
To achieve my books, I use different techniques that you will discover in detail in the “Creations”

The pricing

Prices depend on:

– Hours of work
– Size of the notebook
– Type of paper
– Type of fabric
– Type of notebooks (flexible or unbending, photo album, hinged notebooks etc)

Here are the prices:

A6 format notebooks:

• flexible notebooks: 9 $
• detachable pages notebooks: 13$
• hinged notebooks: 16$

A5 format notebooks:

• flexible notebooks: 24$
• detachable pages notebooks: 26$
• hinged notebooks : 28$
• embroidered hinged notebooks : 39 $

A4 format notebooks:

• hinged photo album (210 grams black paper) with tabs: 65 $
• customized photo album: no fixed price
• sketchbook detachable pages: 39$

You can also add a few items to your notebooks:

• pearls or ribbons: 1.30$
• stamps on pages: 2.60$

without freight charges